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We Buy Condemned Houses in Richmond Virginia

Has your vacant house been tagged “Condemned” by the City of Richmond?  That bright orange sticker can bring a homeowner a sense of dread.  Has this sticker appeared on your property?

5 Newbie Mistakes in Property Wholesaling

These property mistakes came across my desk just today! I believe in the power of networking and doing JV deals on wholesale properties, particularly when working wholesale real estate in other states. However, it is also very easy to blow your reputation by consistently putting forth wholesale real estate deals that don’t make any sense […]

Circumstances force Fast Sale

There are many times when circumstances conspire against you that will force you into needing to sell the house fast. Selling your home without unwanted delays can also tax your brain beyond its capabilities. If you are not knowledgeable about how this works, you will have to get a professional homebuyer.  An expert. It is […]

Successful Closing of Complicated Title Case

In August, 2013, SDP Partners LLC participated in an ultimately successful transaction to help a seller unload some condo investments that had gone bad. The tax lien had been sold and the redemption period was coming up on a portfolio of condos in SE Washington DC. A business partner successfully put the entire portfolio under […]

Great Cash Flow from MultiFamily Properties

Imagine a Multi-Family property that you acquire for $70,000. The five units bring in a total rent of $3000 a month, or $36,000 a year. You can have a good local property management company manage your property for you and still make a great return on your investment. There are still places where demand for […]