We Buy Condemned Houses in Richmond Virginia

Has your vacant house been tagged “Condemned” by the City of Richmond?  That bright orange sticker can bring a homeowner a sense of dread.  Has this sticker appeared on your property?

Condemnation Placard for City of Richmond

Did the house you just inherit come with a condemnation sticker?

A house that receives this sticker is ruled as inhabitable, and if you have tenants in it, they will be forced to move out.

The very first house I bought had tenants living in the property just as the city was condemning the structure as unsafe due to all sorts of building code violations.

Does the inside of your house look something like this?

One house our team visited had a messed up kitchen like the one below.  This house was still occupied by a tenant, but this house would be condemned by the city.  Additional pictures show all sorts of building code violations that would require the forced evictions of the tenant.

Condemned Kitchen

A condemned house will cost you.

Does your house have code violations?

The City of Richmond will demand that you correct these violations.  That can cost you a lot of money. One house I visited required nearly $80,000 in repairs.  It might have been easier to simply tear it down and start new.

If you don’t correct these violations you will be fined by the city government.   If those fines remain unpaid, they will convert into Liens on the property.

If they still remain unpaid, it might be sent to the city attorney’s office who might get a court order.  The administrative fees will keep piling up, plus court costs, and perhaps a rate of interest on the unpaid amount.

You will not be able to refinance your house or obtain a mortgage on it if you own it free and clear.

You will not be able to sell your condemned house to anyone who needs a loan.

You may not be able to sell your house with a real estate agent because the commission will be SO LOW that they may not even bother with you.

The only way to get rid of your condemned property is to sell your condemned house fast for cash.

We buy condemned Houses in Richmond Virginia

The good news is that the professional homebuyers of SDP Partners  LLC can help!

We buy houses with code violations and we pay cash.

You can sell your house quickly without having to pay the fines.

You can sell your house fast without having to bring your house back up to code.

If you have a house with code violations in Richmond Virginia or the surrounding areas we can make you a no obligation cash offer for your house.

We’ll pay for your closing costs and you won’t have to pay any Realtor commissions!

Take away the stress of your condemned house in Richmond and sell your house fast to us.

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