Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure – HUD

HUD has put out a document for homeowners entitled, Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure – HUD.  They are pretty simple

  1. Don’t ignore the problem
  2. Contact the lender as soon as possible
  3. Open and respond to mail from your lender.
  4. Know your mortgage rights.
  5. Understand foreclosure prevention options. (Selling in one of them)
  6. Contact a HUD approved housing counselor.
  7. Prioritize your spending.
  8. Use your assets to recover the debt.
  9. Avoid foreclosure prevention companies that charge fees up front.
  10. Don’t loose your house to foreclosure recovery Scams.

If you decide to sell your home to avoid foreclosure, you can rest assured that we will treat you fairly and with respect.  There are no upfront fees and we will tell you quickly if we are able to help you.  Give us a call, at 804/719-1489, or Get offers from us in 24 hours.

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