Ugly and Trashed House?

UglyHouseWe will buy your ugly house.

We’ve been buying homes in Central Virginia since 2003.

One was a two story structure with only three walls (one wall had fallen away).

  • Do you have an house that might qualify as one you don’t want to look at?
  • House that is beat up?
  • A house that is ready to be torn down?
  • Maybe vandals have broken in and stolen the plumbing.
  • Maybe you started to rehab the house yourself and it got out of hand.
  • Maybe it’s just 40 years out of date.
  • Maybe you inherited the house you grew up in and it still has the same curtains in your room from 30 years ago.

It doesn’t matter.

Some sellers simply tell me their home needs severe updating.

It doesn’t matter how ugly or outdated the house is, we buy houses quickly, as-is, often for all cash.

Get our Offer in 24 hours.

You don’t have to make the repairs on your house, or anything else like that.  It’s that simple.  Get our Offer in 24 hours.